From our extremely large stock of musical arrangements – approximately 4000 in fact, we are now able to offer a music arrangement hire service. Initially, the hire will be limited to our Sinatra/Dean Martin/Sammy Davis stock. This means that we are offering a full range of music suitable for any RAT PACK style of show.

The arrangements we are offering for hire, are not the usual stock arrangements which everyone else uses. Most of the stock arrangements are wrong , and many of them have been written to ‘work’ with any combination of players, which invariably means they sound bad!

We have in stock, almost every popular song sung by the RAT PACK and other singers of that era. Better still, many of them have been professionally reduced to work with smaller combinations of musicians, as well as the usual full orchestra size.

For instance, you could use them with the usual line up of 4/5 saxes : 3/4 Trumpets : 3/4 Trombones and 3/4 Rhythm or - they are available with a smaller front line. The usual combination is 2 Trumpets : 2 Saxes : 1 Trombone and 3 or 4 Rhythm. The smaller parts also have the benefit of 2nd Keyboard parts which are mainly written for String Keyboard. Many of the charts also have String Section charts for Vlns 1 & 2, Viola and Celli.

The sound using the smaller combination, especially together with the 2nd keyboards is surprisingly full!

The only conditions we are obliged to make are that you agree to use the services of one of our Musical Directors (usually Greg Francis, who will also play 2nd keyboards/strings) and, if required, we can also supply top quality musicians as requested. However, particularly in the smaller combination, it is essential to have the very best players available. As you will appreciate, the original arrangements were written specifically for a large orchestra, usually featuring the very top American players. Whilst the smaller combo reductions work, they do need strong players, and we would advise anyone wishing to hire the arrangements, to allow us to also book the musicians.

COST : Here’s the best bit!

If you require us to book the musicians, there will be NO CHARGE for the arrangement hire! However, if you simply require the arrangements and one of our Musical Directors, the charges are £15 per arrangement for the smaller combination, and £25 per arrangement for the full orchestra charts.

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